WhatsApp latest beta update fixes a major camera bug

WhatsApp latest beta update (, resolves a significant camera glitch that had been causing inconvenience for beta testers. In the prior update, a bug was discovered that hindered users from initiating the camera function within the app. This problem posed a particular challenge when attempting to take and share photos or videos directly via WhatsApp chats or the updates tab.


WhatsApp addresses the camera bug

Numerous beta testers experienced an error message instructing them to reboot their device whenever they tried to utilize the camera feature. Despite attempts such as restarting the phone or force-closing the app, the problem remained unresolved. This ongoing issue significantly impeded the user experience, given that capturing and sharing visual content is a fundamental aspect of WhatsApp usage.

Whatsapp camera  bug

WhatsApp realized there was a serious problem and quickly fixed it. You can get the solution by updating the app on the Google Play Store. This update not only fixes the problem with the camera but also adds a cool new feature for sharing files with people nearby. This makes it easier and faster to share files.

If your app updates automatically, that’s great! But if not, make sure to manually update to this latest version. It will make sure your camera works well without any issues, giving you a smoother experience.

WhatsApp is not only fixing problems but also adding new things. They recently improved the Channels feature by adding voice messages, polls, multiple admins, and letting followers share updates on their WhatsApp Status. They are also testing polls within channels. So, keep an eye out for more exciting features!