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Taking care of the environment – and specifically, water resources – is becoming increasingly important. This is especially true in Garden Grove, where water supplies are experiencing stress as natural resources, population density, and water demand increase. Fortunately, Garden Grove’s residents and businesses can practice smart water management to reduce the strain on water sources. Here are some of the best practices for keeping our water supply safe and healthy:

  1. Use Rain Barrels. As a Garden Grove resident, you can collect rainwater in rain barrels to be used for irrigating your lawn, garden, and other outdoor areas. This will help to reduce your reliance on treated water while conserving resources.
  1. Make Use of Native and Drought-Resistant Plants. Planting more native and drought-resistant plants in your garden or yard can help conserve water while providing you with beautiful and vibrant landscaping.
  1. Invest in Smart Irrigation Technology. Smart irrigation systems are ideal for garden and lawn watering, as they use technology to adjust watering duration and strength depending on the type of plants and the time of year.
  1. Practice Water Conservation. Implementing water-saving habits in your home and business, such as taking shorter showers, turning off the  tap when brushing your teeth, checking for running toilets, and washing dishes in a full sink, will help to reduce water consumption.
  1. Recycle Water and Plant Waterwise. Reusing greywater, or water from showers, laundry machines, and kitchen sinks, can be used in gardens. Installing a rainwater filtration system is also a great way to provide your garden with clean drinking water.

By practicing responsible water management in Garden Grove, you’ll be able to help preserve our limited water resources and keep our water safe, clean, and healthy for future generations.

Top Water-Saving Strategies for Garden Grove Residents

As a Garden Grove resident, it is important to be conscious of our water usage to ensure we preserve the precious resource of water for the community. Many of us gardeners and flower fanatics want to keep our gardens beautiful and green, but usually require energy-intensive and water-waste methods. There are several ways we can save on water usage while still keeping our gardens flourishing. Here are some top water-saving strategies that all Garden Grove residents should consider.

  1. Switch to Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the most effective ways to save on water. By using this method, water is delivered to the roots of the plants, allowing it to be used more efficiently, as opposed to regular sprinklers that evaporate or are wasted getting sprayed on non-plant surfaces. Drip irrigation will also help prevent water runoff and conserve water usage.

2. Use Native California Plants

While you may want to show off some exotic plants to the neighborhood, there is no better water-saving alternative than local native plants. California native plants have adapted to very low amounts of water, and will do great with the natural climate conditions here in Garden Grove. Ask your local nursery for some recommendations in local plants!

Watering Your Garden Grove Garden Sustainably and Wisely

Water is the lifeblood of your garden, so it’s important to make sure you’re watering your Garden Grove garden wisely and sustainably. Knowing when and how to water your plants can be the difference between a thriving garden, and one that is wilted or even dead. Here are a few easy tips to get you on your way to a green, thriving garden:

  1. Water early in the day: Early morning is the best time to water your garden because this helps avoid potential fungal diseases. Also, if it’s cooler outside the water won’t evaporate as quickly, ensuring the water reaches the roots of the plants instead of drying up on the surface.
  1. Water the soil, not the leaves: Make sure to direct the water to the base of the plants, and avoid wetting the foliage. This also helps to prevent fungal diseases from developing.
  1. Increase your soil’s water retention capability: Applying a layer of mulch over the soil can help keep moisture longer. Compost or wood chips are great for this purpose.
  1. Use only the amount of water needed: Overwatering your garden can cause the plants’ roots to rot.  Monitor the soil’s moisture levels regularly so you can alter the amount of water accordingly.
  1. Create a rainwater collection system: Save on water bills by collecting rainwater and using it to water your garden—it’s much better for your plants and the environment.

By following these tips and watering your Garden Grove garden sustainably and wisely, you can rest assured that your plants will receive the hydration they need without going to waste. With proper watering and care, your plants will thrive for years to come.