Navy Dress Blues Regulations

Navy Dress Blues Regulations

Dress blues is the uniform worn by sailors in formal situations, including ceremonies and dances. In the Navy, “Dress Blues” are the service uniform worn mostly often. It is important to understand Navy dress regulations to look professional and be in uniform while in service.

General Dress Regulations

The Navy dress regulations are outlined by the Uniform Regulations used by the Navy. All Navy personnel must comply with the regulations when wearing dress uniform.

There are certain regulations on style, fit, and appearance of both the uniform and headgear. For example, all items must be of the regulation Navy style and pattern. The collar must fit closely around the neck and have no folds. Shirt sleeves must be sized correctly, leaving an inch visible past the wrist. The uniform must be kept neat, clean and pressed at all times.

Headgear Dress Regulations:

The headgear worn with the Navy Dress Blues must also be in accordance with the Uniform Regulations. These include the Service Dress Cap and the Combination Cover. Details such as the chin strap must be properly fastened and the bill should be kept straight. The black and gold braid, insignia, and rank must be in the proper place.

Jacket Dress Regulations

Blue and black ribbons with corresponding gold buttons must be in the correct places on the Navy Dress Blues jacket. Lapel insignia, name plates and service stripes must also be neatly sewn on and sized correctly. The left chest pocket should have a neatly placed and sized amount of ribbons.

Accoutrements Dress Regulations

The uniform may include Navy approved accoutrements such as Sailors, white gloves, overcoats and rain gear. Regulations for proper fit, care and storage of the items also need to be followed. All accessories must be kept in good condition and should not be frayed or soiled.


Here is an example of a sailor in full dress blues uniform according to the Navy dress regulations:

  • Service Dress Cap/Combination Cover – Black and gold chin strap fastened and bill straight.
  • Jacket – Dark blue with black and gold ribbing, neatly sewn on insignias and buttons.
  • Service stripes, and name and rank plates sewn on in the right places.
  • Left chest pocket with ribbons and accoutrements neatly displayed.
  • Long sleeved light blue shirt sized properly and pressed.
  • Black slacks with creases and no visible wrinkles.
  • Shoes – polished, black dress shoes with laces tied.
  • White gloves and an overcoat may be added depending on the situation. 


Dress blues are the formal attire for Navy personnel. It is important to understand and follow the Navy dress regulations when wearing the uniform. These regulations detail the style, fit, and appearance to meet the requirements of the Navy. It is necessary to keep the uniform neat, clean and pressed at all times to show respect and be professional.


Q. What is the correct color of uniform wear for Navy Dress Blues?

A. The official color of the uniform is dark blue with black and gold accents.

Q. What type of headgear should I wear with the Navy Dress Blues?

A. The official headgear for the Dress Blues is either the Service Dress cap or the Combination Cover, depending on the situation.

Q. What type of accoutrements should I wear with the Navy Dress Blues?

A. Only Navy approved accoutrements are allowed. These include white gloves, over coats and rain gear.