Apple Releases tvOS 17.3

Apple released (Monday 22 January) an update called tvOS 17.3 for your Apple TV. It’s the third big update since the tvOS 17 system came out last September. Go to the Settings app on your Apple TV to get it, then select System > Software Update. If you have automatic updates turned on, your Apple TV will get the new software without you doing anything.

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These updates for Apple TV are usually minor changes. They mostly fix bugs and make small improvements rather than adding new features. The tvOS 17.3 update doesn’t have any new features, just some behind-the-scenes fixes. If you want to know more, Apple shares details about these updates in its tvOS support document, which they update every time there’s a new version of tvOS.



So, that’s the scoop on the latest Apple releases tvOS 17.3. It’s all about fixing things and making your Apple TV work better, rather than adding flashy new stuff. Just go to the Settings app to get it, and if you have automatic updates turned on, you’ll get it without lifting a finger. If you’re curious about what exactly changed, Apple spills the beans in their support document.



Q: How do I get the tvOS 17.3 update?

A: Easy! Just open the Settings app on your Apple TV, go to System, then select Software Update. That’s where you’ll find the new tvOS 17.3 waiting for you. 

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Q: Do I have to do anything if I have automatic updates turned on?

A: Nope! If you’ve got automatic updates activated, your Apple TV will take care of getting the tvOS 17.3 all by itself.

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Q: Are there any cool new features in tvOS 17.3?

A: Nope, this time it’s more about fixing bugs and making things run smoother behind the scenes. No flashy new features to show off.


Q: Where can I find more details about the update?

A: Apple spills all the details in their tvOS support document. Check it out if you want to dive deeper into what changed with tvOS 17.3.


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